Project overview

The project is divided into several work-packages as presented in the diagram and described below.

WP1 - Review and Study of the ELDRS test method

In a first phase the accelerated switching test method is studied. Mechanisms of the low dose rate degradation and its effects on the accelerated test method are studied. Statistical approaches are investigated that allows to reduce the number of units currently needed for the accomplishment of the experiments maintaining a sufficient statistical confidence in the test results.

WP2 - Verification Test Plan

A verification test plan is developed and two irradiation test campaigns are scheduled. The intention of the second test campaign is to augment measurements to clarify ambiguous results obtained during the first measurement campaign.

WP3 - Irradiation and Analysis

Two irradiation test campaigns are performed according to the verification plan. All necessary test boards and irradiation test jigs needed for the completion of the experiments are manufactured. After completion of the measurement campaigns an analytical study is performed that will investigate the adequacy and accuracy of the ELDRS test method.

WP4 - Website

A webpage provides information on the project and the current status of the activities.